Beiersdorf deploys 2imagine to streamline Nivea packaging translations

Beiersdorf is a leading international consumer brand company, with more than 150 affiliates and around 18,000 employees. Their core consumer business segment focuses on the skincare market. With NIVEA, Eucerin, and La Prairie, Beiersdorf has three of the world’s most successful global skin care brands in the consumer, pharmacy, and selective markets. In 2011, Beiersdorf celebrated the 100th anniversary of the NIVEA brand: the first moisturizing cream and stable emollient. Today, NIVEA is the world’s largest skincare brand.

TGS delivers leading-edge graphic design services to clients of different magnitude, and helps them strengthen brand value and consumer affinity by executing their supply chain management. Continuous innovation enables them to reduce time-to-market and drive cost efficiency, anticipating the ever-evolving needs of their clients.


Beiersdorf selected TGS to optimize the process of NIVEA packaging translations. Different agencies worldwide are responsible for the Nivea packaging design. TGS coordinated the translation process with a workflow system. They wanted a browser-based system, allowing translators to apply translated text to the actual design in a WYSIWYG way. This type of controlled environment ensures the strict conservation of NIVEA’s Brand Identity.

Ben Dekeyser

(IT solutions supervisor TGS)

2imagine delivered the first (and only) WYSIWYG editor for Adobe Illustrator documents. And they managed to integrate it swiftly into our workflow system using API. Thousands of documents have gone through the system since, and our customer Beiersdorf is very satisfied with the platform and our technical know-how.

Beiersdorf uses the online editor as unique solution for WYSIWYG editing and translating of their Adobe Illustator documents.


2imagine integrated our online editor 2imagine for Adobe Illustrator documents with TGS existing workflow solutions. This allows for translators and all other stakeholders to work inside a browser. One of the many benefits of working directly on the document is the elimination of the need to copy-and-paste; an otherwise tricky task when working with non-Latin character sets such as Russian, Arabic, and Chinese.

Our solution consists of:

  • 2imagine’s unique WYSIWYG editor, allowing online translation on the Adobe Illustrator document
  • Support for arabic (right-to-left text)
  • Rule-based restrictions feature, with fine-grained control over editing options
  • Original text remains visible throughout
  • Live preview of the packaging design - including rotation as needed
  • Restricted translator access to one specific language on multi-lingual packaging
  • Automatic copy-fit applied to slightly overflowing text
  • Streamlined communication through the use of the annotations module
  • Compatibility with Esko DA plugin

Add annotations. Open a palet for inserting symbols. Zoom in on the WYSIWYG preview of your edited text - rotate canvas, ...

Rich text editing options (configurable.


  • Reduced time spent sending corrections to ad agencies by creating easy-to-edit files
  • Faster production process, shorter time to market
  • Illustrator files are configured with restrictions for the end user, to ensure corporate identity
  • Approval processes involves all stakeholders in the production process

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