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City of Kortrijk (Belgium)

City of Kortrijk, a well known town in Belgium with 76 000 inhabitants is situated in South West of Flanders. The city administration has over 1000 employees and working with a yearly budget of
150 million euros.
City of Kortrijk has a clear focus on innovation and creativity with many expositions. Tourism and shopping are important for the region. And finally, Kortrijk has a rich industrial and cultural history: Texture, Belfry, churches,...

The city government is organised in 12 business units. Each is responsable for their communication (posters, flyers, invitations, ...)


City of Kortrijk launched a new city logo and branding in 2011.
But implementing a new logo is not a guarantee for a unified brand exposure. The 12 business units were using various software (publisher, powerpoint, word, coreldraw). Resulting in poor quality output, inconsistent use of branding. Lots of correction cycles led to higher error rate and loss of time and money.

City government management launched a project for a template based online editing solution - with following objectives:

  • Empowerment
  • Professional approach
  • Change management
  • Cost-effectiveness
  • Efficiency and traceability
  • Central communication unit need to focus more on creativity and the launching of large campaigns

Vincent van Quickenborne

(Mayor City of Kortrijk)

Stad Kortrijk is also a brand. Thanks to 2imagine template software, every city employee can strengthen this brand - with the associated look-and-feel.

City of Kortrijk deploys 2imagine to manage their city brand communication


2imagine integrated their online Adobe InDesign document editor with the high-performing workflow solution. All stakeholders can produce all publications inside a web browser. Working right on the document itself brings numerous advantages. No more need for copy/paste. With the restriction profiles, each user will stay within the brand guidelines.

Our solution includes:

  • 2imagine’s unique WYSIWYG editor
  • Based on 2imagine’s rule-based restrictions feature, editing options such as fonts, color and size are controlled.
  • Easy and quick template management - no conversion or plugins required.
  • Workflow with e-mail alerts. Users are guided via a TO DO list.
  • Excellent performance under heavy load for large graphical documents.
  • Cloud solution - supporting all standard browsers.

An easy to use online editor for Adobe InDesign documents - with controlled editing rules - to guarantee an optimal Brand Management.

A customized brand portal for all city employees & divisions - with a large selection of templates

A consistent look & branding for all city communication.


  • One brand portal for all to use in the city of Kortrijk
  • DAM integrated
  • High Return on Investment (ROI) : used by all departments
  • Professional approach and result
  • Change supported by Management Team
  • Faster production process, shorter time to market
  • Templates files are configured with restrictions for the end user, to ensure corporate identity
  • Approval processes involves all stakeholders in the production process
  • SAAS solution – no need for local investment in software and hardware


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3500 Hasselt - Belgium
tel: +32 11 874 203 fax: +32 11 500 495
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Since 2003, 2imagine specializes in software solutions designed to optimize marketing processes. 2imagine has been a pioneer in developing an online WYSIWYG editor for Adobe InDesign and Illustrator documents. We are an accessible Cloud service and solution.

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