Meet us at Digital First 2017 in Brussels at October 19

Welcome to our 2imagine booth N° 48 at Digital First on Thursday, 19 October 2017 – TOUR & TAXIS Brussels.

Mr. Jos Claes, owner and CEO of the 2imagine Company will present you all the 2imagine’s innovative developments during his speaker slots. 
During this conference slot, he will demonstrate you how a CLOUD MARKETING COLLABORATION PLATFORM will fundamentally change the way agencies, marketing and graphical divisions operate. 
You will enjoy an insight experience and vision from one of Belgium's leading agencies, using the 2imagine Cloud Brand Management platform

Our 2imagine team will take you along into the FUTURE of CO-CREATING ONLINE and warmly invite you for a drink and some tasty Belgian refreshments.

Digital First is a digital gathering that welcomes more than 4000 professionals. 
This bloomy fair aims to explore the very latest technologies, the new wave of technology adoption, the market evolution, new solutions, innovative technology, new opportunities and trends. 

From its inception in 2003, 2imagine develops in software solutions designed to optimize marketing processes. 2imagine provides a new innovative solution for the modern marketer to increase his marketing production process. It is closing the gap between all stakeholders: collaborating online on graphic (InDesign) documents and all related brand assets via a cloud application. Closer involvement and much shorter production cycles get your products quicker in the market. And all within the corporate controlled branding. All parties involved benefit from shorter production times, less errors and a faster time-to-market.

2imagine is a pioneer in developing an online editor for graphic documents (Adobe InDesign and Illustrator):
Bernd Zipper, consultant and founder and CEO of zipcon consulting, focused on mass customization, e-business print, web-to-print, online print stores and interdisciplinary media projects, mentioned 2imagine in his blog.



Get your free entrance ticket, please phone/email Tessa on 0032 11 874 203.