Online collaboration on Adobe InDesign documents with the new 2imagine online editor (HTML5)

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Online collaboration on Adobe InDesign documents with the new 2imagine online editor (HTML5).

Meet our new HTML5 editor

2imagine's online editor for Adobe InDesign and Illustrator is now available in HTML5. New customers have been working in our brand new editor, and it's time to move current accounts to this latest technology.
We went for a brand new User Experience. Not just replacing the existing flash editor, but working closely together with a UI expert, and so offering our customers optimal use on iPad and traditional desktop.

Template management and workflow have been simplified even more! 

Just upload standard InDesign documents. Assign them to users without an Adobe InDesign license or training.They can edit these documents in a browser, in a controlled way to protect the company brand. When approved by a manager, they export the result to high quality PDF. If needed, your DTP operator can download these documents and “fine tune” in the Adobe InDesign desktop application. 


2imagine WEBINAR - Dec. 12, 2017

Find out all about our new HTML5 editor and how to setup InDesign templates the easiest way - using layer based presets. We provide 2 sessions to meet your time zone.
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