Concentra has thousands of readers create newspaper supplements

Concentra is one of the stakeholders in Mediahuis, Flanders’ largest media group with two national and two regional newspapers. Concentra brought its two regional titles, “Het Belang van Limburg” and “Gazet van Antwerpen” to this new company.
Concentra equally publishes the belgian edition of the free daily paper Metro, and is active on the market of classified ads with and’ Concentra also publishes door-to-door publications, runs four regional television stations and one national digital cable network, “8”.


Concentra had been tinkering with a Self Service Portal that would allow readers to participate in the creation of the newspaper, using structured templates for classified ads, obituaries, real estate data sheets… But those were all very specific applications with a limited number of degrees of freedom.
They then came up with special editions to highlight primary school first-graders, last year’s newborns, … 
A different approach was needed here. A lot more, and simultaneous, contributors, would all be bringing their own pictures and text and had to work together to create what would become a newspaper supplement.

Luc Greeven

(Principle primary school Zonhoven)

Piece of cake! Principle Luc Greeven from the primary school in Zonhoven was very positive about his experience with the web2print application. «Piece of cake! And I admit, I never read a manual. Within 10 minutes the job was finished. And for our school, this is a nice opportunity to stand in the picture.»

End users - without graphic training - create print ready content for the newspaper


The 2imagine editor was seamlessly integrated with the Concentra self-service portal, using our API. This allowed Concentra to continue to offer its services through its familiar channel. The end-user would not even notice they were actually inside the 2imagine editor, where the bulk of the work gets done. Our application is launched by the Self Service Portal as a AJAX window on top of the Concentra application. The screen can be pre-filled with data and content from the Concentra backend server. The readers can enter text in the provided space and uploads a picture and even apply some adjustments (crop, position). Once they submit, 2imagine will use a web-service to send all data, as XML, back to the Concentra server. Photos will be accompanied by all necessary cropping information, and all is ready to appear in print!

Key features of the solution:

  • Perfect integration of any application with 2imagine, using our API
  • Full control over template items (fonts, picture and text positions, cropping …)
  • Scalability (over a 1000 users/ jobs daily)
  • Seamless integration with DAM system
  • Output as InDesign document, rarely needing any adjustments.

Self service publishing service


  • End-users without any formal training can participate in the creation of a graphical document.
  • Deadlines can be pushed forward, allowing for more contributions to be included in the supplement.

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