BoConcept streamlines multilingual catalog production

BoConcept is the brand name of Denmark’s most global retail furniture chain with more than 295 sales units in over 58 countries around the world. Their marketing department is responsible for the production of a large collection of marketing material in multiple languages.

Rezorz, providing specialized technical services for the graphic industry, is guiding BoConcept in a change management process. Rezorz implemented 1publish for the production of the marketing material and catalog. They are also assisting BoConcept with the actual production.


Every year BoConcept publishes a 164-pages catalog in 34 languages calling on a worldwide team of colleagues and subcontractors.
The previous productions used to give rise to a mountain of email communications and very time-consuming page corrections.
The production is complex as the content is still evolving after the workflow is initiated. For a start, there was the need for a central access point to all catalog pages, assets and comments.
The Admin needs to be able to monitor production progress with the ability to stop, restart or reassign tasks.
The WYSIWYG editing of the translations in the catalog making sure the text fits and graphic style is consistent - is one of the major challenges. This requires a powerful annotation system, with full history, to streamline communication between all stakeholders. The system should also be able to run over a standard or even poor internet connection as some local partners do not have access to high-speed internet.

Brian Gorup Jensen

Brian Gørup Jensen

(CEO at Rezorz)

This online (Adobe InDesign) editor just is the best you can find on the market. And extremely agile to implement. In less than 3 weeks, our templates and workflow were configured and the first brochures went in production.

BoConcept marketing teams collaborate worldwide on the production of the 164 page catalog with nothing else than a browser - guided by a workflow


2imagine has deployed an implementation based on the detailed analysis from partner Rezorz. The catalog production is automated using all the modules from 2imagine.

Integration of Easycatalog database plugin

All BoConcept catalog versions are created with content from their ERP system. TRADOS translation memory is used to get the translated text. Easycatalog plugin handles the database publishing, pagination and updates. These functions are available and integrated in 2imagine. All stakeholders can switch languages and edit content from their browser. Easycatalog tags are visible in the online editor and allow updating the database content (changes from the document to the database).

Key features of the solution:

  • WYSIWYG editing allows online corrections and translation, right inside the InDesign document
  • A flexible workflow configuration guides the BoConcept team through the many steps of the production process. All stakeholders have access to all documents and information, yet editing options are controlled with 2imagine’s rule-based restrictions feature
  • Annotations streamline the communication
  • History tracks every change in text, image and layout. A report shows all changes made to the document with an image of the previous state
  • Corrections or changes made in 1 version, can be applied to other related documents

User interface is configured to match the authorisation level of each user. Annotations assist in the team’s collaboration process.

Each user is guided via a TO DO list by the workflow engine

2imagine supports the Adobe InDesign Book function - users can work simultaneous on different sections of the catalog.


  • Reduced time spent for translation and correction
  • Higher quality of work, better localisation of text
  • Approval processes involves all stakeholders. By splitting the overall workflow in tasks per spread, the production time is reduced dramatically.
  • By applying automatisation (easycatalog server), updating and building of catalog versions is reduced by 50

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